Rupar Mandalar Resort

The Rupar Mandalar Resort is a unique accommodation location in Mandalay. Instead of the typical city center hotel in the area, the Rupar Mandalar Resort is a series of beautiful villas in awonderful green regional area just outside Mandalay.

Every villa in the resort is spacious, but for those who want even more space there are large family villas! Despite the rural area of the resort, the interior of each villa is extremely beautiful and finished with top-class amenities and accessories that are comparable to luxury Western hotels.

The land the resort sits on is over 4 acres of beautiful, natural gardens and green space. There are plenty of trees throughout the property, as well as a wonderful outdoor pool. You can even head to the spa if you’d like a massage or number of other treatments.

There are plenty of different options for dining within the resort. You can get plenty of European food, as well as various Southeast Asian delicacies. Or if you want to check out the food inside the city, you’re less than a 20 minute away from the center.