Ayarwaddy River View Hotel

The Ayarwaddy River View Hotel has been open for six years – it’s been pleasing its guests since its first day of operation. This beautiful hotel looks out over the scenic Ayarwaddy River, right next to the city of Mandalay.

If you like being in the city as well as the country, this is the perfect place to be --it’s only a ten minute drive from the hustle-and-bustle of Mandalay. This is one of the premier destinations in Southeast Asia, you’ll want to make sure to check out the various markets and museums that make this one of the region’s most popular destinations.

All rooms are sizable and have traditional furniture that creates an authentic experience for guests. They’ve also got a large swimming pool and outdoor area that you can relax in throughout the day. There’s a large restaurant and bar on the top of the hotel that looks out over the surrounding region. This is a favorite amongst guests, and is one of the primary reasons people keep coming back for more!