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Mekong Prestige Cruise

The RV Mekong Prestige Cruise is the pinnacle of luxury cruise liners in Southeast Asia. It runs various routes along the Mekong River. The ship began operation in 2013; it is around 68 meters in length, and around 13 meters wide. The cruise liner’s primary route ventures through both Vietnam and Cambodia – it is called the Mekong Prestige Cruise. You’ll find the boat has a contemporary colonial feel that highlights Vietnam’s French past. There are over 30 cabins on board that are all designed with spacious living quarters, en-suite bathrooms, and large balconies. Aside from the living quarters, the cruise’s common areas are sure to amaze you. There are lounges, dining rooms, a sundeck, and a beautiful pool. The staff will serve authentic Asian cuisine on board throughout the journey.

The ship also has a fully functioning gym, a bar, an extra restaurant with panoramic views, and of course a spa. The gym has various running machines and weights. If you feel like having a break, head to the indoor bar for a drink of your choice – there are plenty of local and international choices. Various movies and shows will be shown in the outdoor lounge during the evenings. Also, make sure to take advantage of the various workshops while on board the cruise; you can taste a variety of local teas and drinks. As mentioned previously, authentic Asian food will be served throughout your journey in the large 70 seat dining room.

Don’t worry about what season it is when you decide to book your cruise – the ship is fitted with fully functioning air conditioning throughout. There is also an on-ship store that you can purchase various local souvenirs and gifts. If you find you have extra time – enjoy the pool on the sundeck, perhaps with a cocktail of your choice if you really want to relax. There are also on board Tai Chi classes for individuals of any age and experience. For those who don’t enjoy Tai Chi, try our meditation or yoga classes. Otherwise, take a step back and use our onboard Wi-Fi to keep up to date with family and friends.

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