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Burma Boating

Mergui Archipelago - Luxury Sailing

Burma is a relatively undiscovered area of Southeast Asia for most Western tourists. The Mergui Archipelago is a beautiful group of around 800 islands that are relatively untouched by tourism. Beautiful sand beaches surround the islands – the area’s clear blue water is filled with vibrant marine life. You can’t walk between the islands so you’ll have to take a boat if you want to get the most out of the region. Burma Boating has chartered sailing trips for tourists who want to explore the region in-depth. They have three beautiful yachts to choose from.

For passengers, days are spent enjoying the scenery from onboard the boat. You can swim and snorkel at different stops throughout each part of the journey. There is also plenty of time to check out various islands and local villages. Dinner is served on the boat every night – you’ll enjoy a multi-course meal with other passengers on the ship! Here is some more information on the three yachts the company has on offer:

SY Raja Laut

This is a 100 foot wooden schooner yacht. The inside is designed with amazing timber that gives this ship its reputation for luxury. There are six cabins on board for passengers, all are completely air-conditioned and include personal bathrooms. You’ll most likely spend a lot of your time on the deck of the yacht enjoying the scenery, but for those who want a break, there’s also an internal lounge area underneath the deck that has a fully functioning television and comfortable sofas. You can choose to eat dinner on the deck or inside!

SY Meta IV

This is an 85-foot yacht that was previously in the hands of a successful businessman. Burma Boating bought the boat and transformed it into a luxury passenger ship – it is there most popular vessel. It was most recently restored in 2012. The team added internal air-conditioning to all the cabins, as well as personal bathrooms. There is a lot of deck space, but you can also relax inside if you want a bit of a break from the sun!

SY Meltemi

This is catamaran boat that is loved by the team at Burma Boating. This is a better choice for more avid sailors travelling to Southeast Asia. This beautiful vessel was previously owned by a Malay Princess before Burma Boating acquired it and remodeled it. There are four onboard cabins, making it the smallest of the three vessels on offer. This being said, each cabin is extremely spacious and includes air-conditioning and a private bathroom. The interior has been redesigned in a contemporary fashion to give it a lighter feel than the previous two boats. There are plenty of activities to enjoy while at sea including fishing, snorkeling, and kayaking!


Your Accommodation: 4 – 6 cabins
Deluxe cabin amenities

Eating & Drinking

Dining room & al-fresco options
All meals & non-alcoholic drinks included

Leisure & Relaxation

Kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, fishing

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