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The newest luxury paddle-wheeled vessel added to Heritage Line’s fleet on the Irrawaddy River will be named the “Anawrahta.” Still planning to commence its maiden voyage on October of 2015, the previously titled “Shin Arahan” has been re-named out of respect for ethnic minority and government sensitivity towards the use of religious titles. Holding true to its focus on Myanmar’s heritage, the ship’s title continues to reflect the roots and culture of Myanmar’s rich background, representing the country’s first king to unify the country back in 1044. A grand warrior and accomplished diplomat, King Anawrahta also helped introduce and spread Theravada Buddhism throughout the kingdom, leaving an indelible mark on the country. The paddle-wheeled aspect of the vessel is reminiscent of more recent times in Myanmar, during the reign of British colonial rule. The British carried their goods and personnel through the veins of the waterways via ferry boat, enabling them to reach all aspects of the country with ease. The sleek, low design of the vessel permitted access to all parts of the river, which is what the Anawrahta was fashioned after. It allows cruises to reach all regions of the Irrawaddy during all parts of the year, giving guests an unrestricted view of the surrounding areas.
The Anawrahta is the perfect ship to explore Myanmar and the Irrawaddy regions. Its comfort, luxury and style give guests a sample of both ancient and contemporary Myanmar within its 65-meter stately frame. Within the three grand decks are 23 luxurious cabins, including 16 Deluxe rooms, 3 Junior Suites, 2 Executive Suites and 2 Royal Suites (which upon launch will be the most spacious cabins on the entire Irrawaddy!) The Anawrahta will also enjoy the highest crew to passenger ratio on Myanmar’s waterways, ensuring our guests’ safety and satisfaction. From the awe-inspiring exterior to the intricacies of the hand-carved interior, guests on our state-of-the-art vessel will be charmed and captivated by this timeless cruiser.

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