Cambodia: Weather & when to go: September

September Overview

With September, you take the chance of being able to escape from the short showers and get all your sightseeing done or get stuck in the heavy downpours that are characteristic of a September monsoon. The temperatures are pleasant, standing at approximately 26oC and the country seems to be in the middle of a bathing session.

The natural landscape comes to life after being blessed with life giving rain – the rice paddies are brimming with water and the foliage is lush and green and in full bloom. This is the season that brings out the best in your camera, offering unspoiled views of the country. Visiting Angkor Vat can be a treat as you gaze upon moats and pools filled with water that reflects the temples structure clearly as a mirror. Another plus point of traveling in September is the low tourist count. In fact, in many places you may the only ones there. Just be prepared to witness a spectacular thunderstorm whilst at the temples!

This is also a perfect time to visit Tonle Sap Lake which has unique landscapes such as the flooded forests and floating villages. The lake swells with the rainwater and often becomes five times its normal size.Accessing rural and remote areas such as Ratanakiri or the south coast may prove impossible as the roads become tricky to navigate through due to the heavy rains.