Cambodia: Weather & when to go: October

October Overview

October starts to warm up, and the dry season will soon start with the tourist season going into full swing. There are a few rainy days, but the warm days with temperatures averaging at 26oCmake this month a pleasant time of year to visit Cambodia.

The high water levels at Tonle Sap Lake make this an ideal sightseeing destination in Cambodia as the flooded forests and floating villages make for a unique landscape. The lake grows five times in volume due to the monsoon months. The peak water levels also increase the volume of water flowing from the waterfalls in Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri which are located in the north easy regions.

Pchum Ben

Also known as Ancestors’ Day, this holiday is celebrated on the days leading up to the fifteenth day of the tenth month as per the Khmer calendar.The monsoon is now starting to dissipate and the south coast at Kep and Sihanoukville becomes open to visitors even though chances of showers are a likely possibility. As the month slowly moves towards November, the days become sunnier and the season transitions from wet to dry.