Cambodia: Weather & when to go: July

July Overview

Temperatures slowly drop during the month of July as the rains continue to fall. The days are pleasant with temperatures averaging around 26.6oC and a few dry days are still present. The monsoon rains will steadily increase in July, especially as the month end draws near. If you can avoid the few showers that fall, then you will find Cambodia to be a picturesque holiday destination. Even the thunder and lightning provides for some spectacular vistas, especially if you are standing at the famous Angkor Vat temples.

Due to the heavy rainfall, most people give the beaches of south Cambodia a pass, even though there are few dry days in between. But if you really want beaches to feature in your vacation, you can always head to the beaches of central Vietnam which are at their prime at that time. This extension an easily be added to your itinerary.

Searching for Sunshine?

If sun and sand is what you’re looking for and you’ve already made plans to visit Cambodia in July, not to worry, just hop over to neighboring Thailand to soak in the sunshine at KohPha Ngan and KohSamui. Give the seemingly nonstop rains of Cambodia a skip and enjoy your sunny vacation in Thailand.