Cambodia: Weather & when to go: February

February Overview

Great weather conditions continue into the month of February, with temperatures staying around the 26.5oC mark. However, as summer slowly makes its way, you will find the days gradually getting warmer.

Sightseeing at the famous Angkor Vat temples is a must, especially in the month of February. The agreeable temperatures and the dry weather are great if you want to spend your days exploring the temples or even the regions of Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri which is located in the north east of Cambodia. Even though the weather is perfect, you may feel thankful for the shade during lunch time.

This pleasant atmosphere continues down to the south coast where the beaches of Kep, KohRong and Sihanoukville bask in the warm sunshine. With unlikely chances of rain, this region provides great diving spots for those eager to discover the underwater treasures for themselves.