Cambodia: Weather & when to go: August

August Overview

August sees more short showers rather than all day downpours which is good news for the visitor who wants to view Cambodia in all her lush glory. The countryside landscape is teeming with new life as new growth is fed by the rain waters. Even the flooded forest and floating villages near Tonle Sap Lake are accessible by boat, making for a once ina lifetime trip in pleasant temperatures which fluctuate between 25oC and 27oC.

Rainfall prevents tourists from enjoying the beaches along the south coast, but sunny days are not far away. Just a short flight away, the beaches of Hoi An and Danang in Vietnam beckon to the beach goers as the August month in Vietnam still experiences sunny and dry weather. You can fly there at the end of your Cambodia tour to wrap up your vacation with a beautiful sun kissed sandy bow. The heavy rains experienced in the rural areas of Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri make the roads impassable and traveling to these areas in August becomes a huge no-no.

Searching for sunshine?

August is right in the middle of the heavy monsoons in Cambodia, so sightseeing may be a little harder as torrential downpours obscure the ancient monuments, but the Indonesian islands of Lombok and Java beckon to the avid traveler who is on the lookout for beautiful and spectacular ancient structures as well as pristine beaches and gorgeous natural vistas.