Cambodia: Weather & when to go: April

April Overview

April gets scorching hot with temperatures averaging at 35oC, often touching 40oC. Even though the temperature soars, visitors cannot expect respite from the heat with rain as chances of rainfall is quite dismal. However, as the monsoons will be right around the corner, visitors can expect to experience a few showers by the month end.

Sightseeing and traveling anywhere in these scorching temperatures can be wearying for any traveler, which is why we recommend making many short trips instead of an all day exploration. You will notice the crowds thinning around the temple sites as the high temperatures tend to keep the majority of the tourist population at bay. Get some R&R and make the most of your vacation while enjoying the sunshine and beaches of the south coast. Visit Kep, Sihanoukville or even head to some of the islands such as Kong RongSamloem and KohRong.

ChaulChnam (Cambodian New Year)14th- 16th April

Cambodian New Year is a time when you say goodbye to the old and welcome the present and nobody celebrates this auspicious occasion than the Cambodians. Celebrated between the 13th and 17th of April, The Khmer New Year brings the whole country to a standstill and public offices, many marketplaces and sightseeing sites are closed during this time.

The unique way of celebrating this holiday will really cool you down. If you’re inthe country during this time, be prepared to get doused with water – as this is how it is celebrated, amongst the entire population who take to the streets to mingle and splash around. Even the cops are not immune to the fun. If water is not your thing, you should definitely stand indoors and not venture outside.

Slash & Burn

This is a type of farming method that is practiced in many areas in Asia. During the months of April and May, fires are lit across the country, torching dry wood and brush so that the ground is cleared for new growth. This practice does cause a hazy effect to be produced, especially in the rural areas of the country.