Immerse yourself in life in Koh Kong & the Cardamom Mountains

In the southwestern end of Cambodia, there is a pristine paradise waiting to be explored. The area is finally being developed, partially thanks to a distinct, floating, tented ‘resort’.

To get to this paradise, you have to drive southwestward from Phnom Penh then drive upward along the Koh Kong Conservation Corridor. This region has a rich ecosystem and natural wonders which are protected by the government. Visitors can find wildlife in the Cardamom Mountains such as monkeys and gibbons, and various birds, namely hornbills. You may even see an elephant if you are lucky enough. The majestic mountain range provides a scenic backdrop for those willing to drive to the region. This place can be reached by making a detour south of the main road.

The secluded village of Chi Pat, accessible only via dusty track, has combined with surrounding settlements to create an eco-tourism project. The project, funded by Wildlife Alliance, is made up of a few basic homestays and guesthouses; with locals participating in guiding, administration, and cooking. The activities offered include cycling around nearby villages, camping in the hills, and five day treks. Boating and mountain biking are two other activities you can do. Don’t worry, your program will be arranged based on your interests. Your can have just a day trip or stay for a few days.

The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is only 5 minutes by boat from Tatai Bridge, just 30 minutes north of Koh Kong. The lodge is situated on a serene part of the river, away from the hustle and bustle of the towns. A stay at the floating tent is an experience in itself!

Luxurious, African-safari type tents on linked platforms that are situated amongst a beautiful mangrove, around a central tent. The resort offers a wide range of light adventure excursions namely exploring the nearby mangrove forest, kayaking, and trekking. It is an ideal location to discover a quiet spot and find yourself (in layman’s parlance, the trip is basically chilling, enjoying each other’s company, and reading a great book!).

Head further south, across the Tatai Bridge through the quaint town of Koh Kong, there are quite a few places of interest waiting to be discovered, the most famous being the Peam Krasaop Mangrove Forest which can be described as a town itself.