One Day in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is the most recognizable of the coastal towns in the country and is home to some of Cambodia’s best beaches, four to be exact. The best beaches are Otres, Independence, Ocheateal, and Serendipity. These beaches are situated in separate bays, with most tourists enjoying at least two or three during their holiday.


Tumnuk Rolok Fishing Port

The fishing port and village offers great photo opportunities.

The fishing boats leave in the evening and return to the port in the morning with their catches. During the day boats dock in the port and the fishermen repair their fishing nets and work on ther boats

Kbal Chhay Waterfall

A collection of 3 meters to 5 meter hig waterfalls which orginates from different sources along the mountain ranges. They are most impressive in the wet saison betwenn July to October. Besides being just a pictureque sight, the locationis also a popular picnic spot where you can spend your day amongst the greenery and serene natural ambience. The area also offer abundance of food and drink stands for refreshments. Lots of local picnickers at the weekend.

Phsar Leu Central Market

It is the main market in Sihanoukville. Featuring sections which provide fruits, seafood, clothing, tailors, jewellery, khmer food, und a lot of many other goods. Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of this typically busy local market. Get an insight in the daily khmer life. Have no reservations. You won`t be disapointed!

Wat Leu Pagoda

Wat Leu is located on Sihanouk Ville mountain, about 6 kilometers from town . It is surrounded by forest and overlooks the town, ocean and neary islands. On special days many people will prepare food and fruit to offer to the monk at the pagoda

Little village in the countryside

I will bring you to a little village outside Sihanoukville to get a closer look in the daily life in the countryside. Her you can see how the people in the countryside life and work. You can see traditional houses, people who work at home or at the fields ... . I explain you their daily life.

Independence Monument

the monumet is situated in a small park. The adjacent shrine is also used as a meeting hall for religious festivals

Wat Krom Pagoda

Wat Krom is situated on a low hill off, Sihanoukville. This pagoda is another fine example of Cambodian culture and religion. There are many old tombs around, as well as statues, especially many-headed serpents. There is the procession of monks, the 'gold' reclining Buddha, but the best of all is 'gold' statue of Buddha in the main temple short stopp at a lonly, beautifull, white sandy beach take a picture there


depend on the number of people, saison, vehicle

start from 70 USD ++ / 1 person

special prices for groups and families with children


pickup, drop off, all transport, entrance fees, local English speaking guide


meals and drinks, any personal expenses, personal travel insurance

Coffee break and/or lunch (Asian or Western foods) on your request.

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