Cambodia Adventure

If you enjoy authentic travel that takes you to less well known areas of the countries you visit, this is the perfect trip for you. Our itinerary will take you from Cambodia’s northernmost points, all the way to the south of the country. There are plenty of unique cultural experiences throughout the trip.

The trip begins in the beautiful Siem Reap – here we will take different excursions, including a kayak journey through a series of floating villages. In the same area, we will take various trips to local temples and scenery that will fully expose the beauty of Northern Cambodia. This part of the trip includes a homestay with a local Cambodian family – it’s the perfect way to see how real Cambodians live.

The trip then heads to Phnom Penh – where you’ll take a bike ride around the outskirts of this beautiful city. You’ll also enjoy a trip the wonderful Cardamon Mountains, which includes excursions to local town and accommodation in a traditional location of the Tatai River. The end of this unique itinerary is on the beautiful island KohRong – one of the best kept secrets in the region.

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