JOURNEYS TO SOUTH EAST ASIA! Southeast Asia has become a premier travel spot today, the region has a breathtaking landscape, rich culture, historical wonders, and tasty dishes. Distinctly beautiful in its own way, Southeast Asia’s deep history is a prelude to its future promise. Southeast Asia has a lot to offer from fishing villages, lush fields, mountains, rainforests, and pristine beaches. You can find all of the above in one of Southeast Asia’s gems, Vietnam. From south to north, Mt. Fansipan, Red River Delta, Hoi An, and Halong Bay, Vietnam has a lot of wonders on full display. Its wonder does not end in its beautiful landscapes and rich history, the bustling cities add flavor to your stay in Vietnam. Cambodia and Vietnam have risen out of the ashes of their tumultuous past, and have paved the way for change and peace while preserving their ancient history and identity. The intricately designed temples of Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat weave their magic in Cambodia’s countryside. The ancient treasures of Cambodia, the Angkor ruins, invite guests to get lost in their splendor. Life in Laos moves in slow motion in stark contrast to the mighty Mekong River. Visit the temples, beautiful countryside, and the robed monks living in Luang Prabang. Be entranced by this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Laos. “The Land of Smiles,” Thailand is just around the corner with its scintillating nightlife, wondrous architecture, pristine beaches, and delectable cuisines. The many wonders of Thailand captivate visitors from all over the world. The beautiful beaches of Pattaya, the exciting city life in Bangkok, and the mountain ranges of Chiang Mai add to a visitor’s wealth of experiences. Myanmar, a land of rich culture and history, remains as a top destination for travelers from around the world. Tigers, elephants, and exhilarating balloon rides await the eager adventurer amidst beautiful landscapes. In any part of Southeast Asia from Cambodia to Laos to Vietnam to Thailand and to Myanmar, Southeast Asia opens its arms to tourists who want to discover the past, enjoy the present, and uncover the future.